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Cafè la Brasilera
Torrefactors a Andorra des de 1947

Welcome to Cafè la Brasilera, a tradition with over seven decades of history dating back to the year 1947.


It was my grandfather who ignited the flame of this dream, bringing green coffee to Andorra and roasting it with passion. Since then, our family has been the heart and soul of this business, passing the torch from generation to generation.


Over time, the Andorran landscape underwent notable changes, and we evolved to adapt to the new times. In an era when tourism in Andorra was consolidating, and market demands were growing, my father took the reins, establishing a strong connection between Cafè la Brasilera and the gastronomic experience in the region.


When I took the reins, I realized the need to stand out in an increasingly competitive coffee market. That's when we decided to take a step forward, driven by the idea of perfecting ourselves and offering a product that reflected our passion and dedication. We committed to being pioneers in quality and exclusivity, investing in cutting-edge technology, innovative machinery, and comprehensive training for our team.


The result of this evolution is our premium product, a coffee that not only reflects our history but also our dedication to providing a unique experience. We are determined to offer everyone the opportunity to savor the quality of Andorra, which is why we are launching a new project with the goal of bringing our coffee to many more homes in the country.


We invite you to be part of this journey, where the passion for quality merges with the richness of tradition. Discover Cafè la Brasilera and enjoy a unique experience, a coffee that transcends time and transports you to the richness of our history.


Welcome to our world, where each cup is a celebration of love for coffee and the spirit of Andorra.

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